Revenue Infrastructure for your API

Launch, optimize, and scale API monetization with flexible and developer-first infrastructure that works at any size and stage.

Daily Revenue

End-to-end API Revenue Solution

Flexible Pricing Plans

Launch any pricing plan for your API in minutes. Support for usage-based billing, volume-based discounts, endpoint permissioning, content entitlements, product bundles, discounts, and more.

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Launch Self-Serve Instantly

Grow revenues by launching self-serve checkout

  • Leverage our frontend portal tech to embed pricing pages and accept payments within your site.
  • Your customers can easily manage their subscriptions, view real-time usage, pay invoices, update API keys and refill credits all within our Dashboard.
  • No salesperson engagement is needed.

Enterprise Ready

Turn your APIs into a new revenue stream for your company

  • Archetype powers both self-serve and sales-led pricing models, with automated usage tracking, invoicing, billing, and revenue recognition included out of the box.
  • Archetype supports SOC2 compliance, SSO / SAML support, and uptime SLAs.


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Seamless integration with API Management vendors, CRMs, and accounting software. If you have a special request, contact us.

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White Label Solutions

We offer white-label solutions for embedded pricing pages, self-serve checkout workflows, dashboards, and payment links

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Managed Entitelments

Manage content entitlements, product bundles, custom contracts, and permission rules to upsell plans and drive revenue.

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24/7 Customer Support

You won’t be left alone on an island. 24/7 email support and a dedicated Slack Channel for select customers.


The State of API Monetization

Wed Nov 23 2022

The State of API Monetization

Introduction Digital transformation has become commonplace. Many orgs are looking specifically at their API products as new sources of revenue and ways to engage with their developer communities. The goal is to increase their product reach and acquire new customers at lower costs. Three main groups arise as later-stage organizations evaluate their API goals: 1) turning internally facing APIs external to drive new revenue channels 2) launching monetization for their developer-facing APIs 3)

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The benefits of usage-based billing for API first products

Mon Nov 21 2022

The benefits of usage-based billing for API first products

Pay-as-you-go or similarly known as usage-based billing is a method of billing customers based on their consumption. This is inherently different from subscription services which charge a set fee to access their services (i.e. Netflix) and can bring significant value to your organization. Let’s break down some of the key benefits of introducing pay-as-you-go pricing to your users and why this pricing strategy works best for certain businesses and is not ideal for others. Less Friction A class

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Don’t undersell your API!

Mon Sep 12 2022

Don’t undersell your API!

Getting customers is hard! From API-first startups to larger enterprise organizations, companies are launching and selling various API products to generate revenues for their businesses. The core of having a successful API comes in two parts. The first is the ability to build a product that people love and use often. The second is around efficiently pricing your product to ensure you are generating maximum value across your entire customer spectrum. We will explore the various ways someone can

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Archetype?

Our goal is to help teams launch and/or grow their API revenues. We focus on reliability, speed, and ease of use for you and your engineers. We know that integrating with payment processors has been the biggest challenge for many companies and we want to empower you to focus on core products while Archetype supports your API infra needs.

What languages do you support?

We support Python, Javascript, Go, and PHP SDKs at the moment. We're always building support for more so if you have an urgent SDK requirement feel free to email us:

How easy is it to integrate Archetype into our stack?

An Archetype integration into your backend takes 15 minutes. Check out our docs, and support videos for examples. And as always, our team is available for hands-on onboarding.

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