Archetype | Usage Based Billing for API products

Effortless usage based billing for API products.

Archetype helps API companies launch, iterate and scale their businesses with flexible and developer-first infrastructure that works at any size and stage.


Generate revenue from APIs in minutes.

Innovate Instantly

Innovate Instantly

Create and offer any combination of metered or subscription based plans to your customers and deploy in seconds. Create custom pricing plans and structures with specific rate limits, permissions and adjust them on the fly. No engineering resources required. Save your engineers months of setup and maintenance so they can focus on delivering amazing products.

Easily Create Complex Billing Models

Easily Create Complex Billing Models

Create products that leverage per seat, GPU, storage or any other billable metric you can think of. Modify quotas, customers' hard limit and more without rearchitecting billing or rewriting code. Get insights into what's working in real-time and optimize your pricing.

Fully self serve

Fully self serve

API Key generation and auth are handled by us. We manage all the infrastructure around creating, modifying and assigning plans and API Keys. Get real-time invoices automatically formatted and delivered to your customers. Fully loaded customer portals available for your customers to get insights into their usage, access to their invoices and modify their subscription settings.





15 minutes

Endpoint Specific Pricing

Offer unique pricing and rate limits for each endpoint and each method.

Custom billable metrics

We let you build custom billable metrics like by CPU, GPU or # of NFT mints.

API Key Management

Assign and reset any number of API keys for each customer.


Managed authorization for your APIs and the ability to adjust permissions on the fly.

Real-time usage analytics

Realtime insights into usage based systems

Instant Custom Pricing Deployments

Instantly deploy custom plans and send them to customers in seconds with payment links.

Usage Based Customer Portal

Archetype allows your customers to view usage metrics and manage their subscriptions, api keys and invoices.

Automated Usage Based Invoicing

Automatically send invoices to your customers with full scope of their usage by metric


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